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the 1989 UN International Convention on the Right of the Child clearly clarifies the child's primary right to identity, education and care. Unfortunately, these rights are not respected in the world, as many children continue to suffer from hunger or are victims of wars.
That's why ACSED has introduced sponsorship for children from poor families.

Individual sponsorship
The first sponsorship is 25 euros per month for a child most deprived, orphans whose guardians do not have a means to meet their daily needs. Social care is their only recourse.

One-off group sponsorship

The second sponsorship is 10 euros/month or 100 euros for an entire school year of a child or the group of children. It provides one-time school support to children whose modest parents have a monthly income but are not always able to make ends meet.

The Canteen Sponsorship supports the daily meal of underprivileged children in Togo.

With 10 euros/month, you can support this project through the association ACSED

You can also make various voluntary donations to the association or to the children. For example to offer a child toy doll...
ACSED will issue a tax receipt that will allow you to deduct 75% of your donations from your taxes. Beyond this amount the deduction is 66% within the limit of 20% of your taxable income.
Checks are to be defamed at the behest of ACSED
Postal Bank CCP No. 5753278U020 Paris.


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Collective sponsorship

Example 2 Sign up for a group sponsorship - I agree to pay the sum of 25 euros per month for the whole group of children
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