Our values are Christian-secular and based on respect for human rights, human dignity, service, sharing and listening.

Who are you African, American, European or Asian? know that we are all equal but also different because everyone has their own history and well-founded identity. If the Bible written since the beginning of time remains a history book that enlightens us about the salvation of humanity, today we can still use it to work together and with people abandoned in injustice to manifest our love for the most deprived populations in this world torn by cultural confrontations, reasoning, ideologies and diverse perceptions etc. . . . Yet, even beyond our differences, a human being has the same vital need as all.
Mainly we operate in the maritime region of Togo.Acsed-Noépé our village is located about 27km from Lomé. This is where we chose to build a social and cultural centre for development. It is currently being construction_que young people abandoned in the streets can come and carry out cultural social activities of leisure but also technical and manual works such as art in computer science; sewing uniforms, retouching clothes and linens, making bags, etc. This project will provide young people with social training as well as learning a trade.
We work in a public school that is 500 metres from the visitor centre by the roadside that leads to kpalimé. 
We take care of 30 students from this school including 2 at the college this year and 4 other children in Lomé We offer the children of the school of Noah at least one meal a day, in case of need we provide first aid such as aspirin, antiseptics, compresses, ...
In addition, we buy school supplies such as books, pens, notebooks. Finally, we sew clothing for the most needy children. Our goals in France
 To raise awareness among the French population about the issues affecting Togo and its population.
To make ACSED known and its actions in favor of underprivileged children in Togo.
Contribute by ACSED to improving the living conditions of underprivileged children and young people, especially in Togo and in africa in general. Sponsoring children who are victims of violence to provide education, health and vocational training.
Encouraging fraternal encounters with regard to
the African diaspora of Brazil with which we reconnect fraternally, mainly with our origins in Bahia State and friends


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