The association ACSED Charity Action of Help and Relief for The Underprivileged Children was created following several visits by the president of the association Acsed Rose Claire de Souza since 2004 in the southern region of Togo.
The awareness came to him following the discovery of the sad reality of street children and the harsh living conditions of young girls mothers of rural families facing precariousness and who abandoned school education prematurely because of a lack of financial means. After deciding to sponsor a daughter of a struggling housekeeper in Lomé with the salary of her work in France, Rose Claire de Souza was later haunted to consider the problems of other mother girls and their difficulty in getting their children into school. For this housekeeper was not the only woman in trouble in her native country.
Rose Claire de Souza then sought to buy land around the suburbs of the capital Lomé. His visit to the village of Noépé near the northern suburbs of Lomé zanguéra revealed the situation of several other young women without resources with real potential and wishing to train in order to ensure a better education for their children. In 2008, for example, she organized an awareness campaign in the village where she surveyed underprivileged families and distributed clothes to children in the village. contenu_pages/the-campaign
The association ACSED was born in 2008 in Togo, the Franco-Togolese founder Rose Claire de Souza continued her efforts to form a team engaged in France with her company pink Claire de Souza (rosie crafts) with the aim of making her contribution for the schooling of African street children and supporting their mother through child sponsorship.
The young girls mothers of the underprivileged children, who had already expressed from Togo their wish to join a learning centre in the project for which we are seeking funding are still waiting. In addition, children registered and sponsored by the association ACSED in France are attending primary school in the village of Noépé and in Lomé the capital.


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