Welcome to our ACSED website

ACSED is an international métis, Franco-Togolese-Latino charity. It is a non-profit organization that helps children in disadvantaged communities for sustainable human development. It was created in 2008 first in Lomé-Togo, and then in France at the Krêmelin Bicêtre. ACSED is therefore a grouping of international Métis from Togo and the African diaspora,

President Rose Claire de Souza has already made her first trip to Brazil in 2017 on the land of her forefathers, her source of paternal origin, now intervenes with her craft team Rosie mainly in Togo and Ghana: her countries of maternal origin. In Ghana, we operate in our commune in Keta district in the volta in Abor and in Accra the capital.

To support her association, Rose Claire de Souza has written a book in which she evokes the bruises of slavery. Then she opened  

An online shop selling for belly its craft creations rosies and mounts humanitarian projects of all kinds

Look here light pink of souza in action to noépé in Togo
Clear rose of souza also helped other Martinique women and their children
in her mother's village in Ghana, clear pink souza (rosie crafts) is currently doing a project with her uncle Christian kwasi Amékudji living in the volta in keta